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“Browning’s transformation from wizened to vital middle age and back again, as he reenacts his supposed crime, is accomplished with a dexterity that makes the three-hour production breeze along. Though our narrator is also the villain of the piece, Browning evokes nothing but pity and a dark sense of identification with the bitterly jealous composer.”

-Katherine Luck, CrossCut.com

"...roller coaster ride up, down and around the heaven and hell of a first-class mind in

torment. Gerald B. Browning evolves a Salieri from crybaby and sour grapes to a Miltonic Satan, to a pathetic penitent wallowing in self-pity, and to a mature man who has come to grips with himself. Irritation, rage, cunning, comedy, tragedy – Browning covers all the bases.

His is a spellbinding performance."

-Dale Burrows, The Weekly Herald

“What Gerald B. Browning brought to Salieri was absolute conviction, both in his portrayal of the character and in the character’s relationship with an uncaring God...in his “elder” scenes he showed such technical restraint, never overdoing the portrayal of age while still embodying the weight of experience in his years....appreciated the subtlety of his Court persona, assuming all the personal gratification of his status and accolades while still knowing in his deepest truth that he is a failure. It is to both Browning and the director’s credit that the exact nature of his inner conflict is made so clear early on and informs every action he takes in the play...brilliant, first-rate production...”

-Jerry Kraft, SeattleActor.com


"The production by Seattle Shakespeare Company is a solid one…Gifted supporting players include Peter Jacobs, David Klein, and Gerald Browning."

-Miryam Gordon, Seattle Gay News

“...excellent cast...David Klein and Gerald Browning are appropriately sleazy as the plotting, manipulative Tribunes of the People.”

-Miya Cohen-Sieg, Queen Anne News

“Many in the cast deserve praise, especially...David S. Klein and Gerald B. Browning as the conniving politicians who incite the rabble against Coriolanus.”

-Nancy Worrsam,  Arts Stage-Seattle Rage

“...strong acting from the two tribunes, the ‘People’s Leaders’.  Both David S. Klein and Gerald B. Browning brought a convincing oiliness and false sense of outrage to these roles, as your typical political party schemers. You never believe they are actually on the side of the mob they represent; these two are expert politicians playing both ends to justify their means...It’s a provocative, timely and richly produced production that deserves to be seen.”

-Michael Strangeways, Seattle Gay Scene

“...the Tribunes of the People (David S. Klein and Gerald B. Browning), like shortsighted Beltway insiders, plot Coriolanus' fall...the story feels so timely that's it's worth the investment.”

-Margaret Friedman, Seattle Weekly


“The perfect 10...surpasses TV sitcoms...’The Love List’ at Harlequin has been playing to standing ovations, and that's because it's better than TV...In arts criticism, we refer to a performer's "wheelhouse," meaning his or her area of greatest expertise. I never saw Gerald Browning on stage before last Saturday, so I can't say whether he specializes in dweebs. What I can say is, he could.”

- Christian Carvajal, The Weekly Volcano

“Harlequin Productions’ ‘The Love List.’ is one of the most insanely funny plays I’ve seen in a long time...and each member of the three-person cast was phenomenal...(Browning) seems born for this role. He fits the character so well that I’m tempted to say he’s typecast even though I have no idea what he is like outside this role. He plays Bill as a man who is nervous, highly excitable and unsure of himself....If TV sitcoms were half as good as ‘The Love List’ I would never leave the house.”

-Alec Clayton, South Sound Arts

"Particularly strong is Gerald B. Browning, who slithers chameleon-like from a limp-wristed salesman to a rock star to an executive, remaining charming from one role to the next as he is unrecognizable."

-Fiona Zublin, Washington Theatre Reviews


"Gerald B. Browning is...a virtuoso supporting actor..."

-Jolene Munch, Metro Weekly


“...I think I’ve found a keeper in Gerald B. Browning, who also served as scenic designer...(he) is making his D.C. debut after a string of regional work elsewhere.  He’s a solid addition to the scene.”

-Matt Reville, Sun Gazette Newspapers


"The centerpiece performance is given by

Gerald B. Browning as patriarch Tom. His work is nuanced and engaging from the start."

-Matt Reville, Sun Gazette Newspapers


"The prologue primes you for satire, as Tom Hagan, head of a local theatrical troupe -- the Killone Players -- offers comical advice about acting. "Constant movement and large gestures," declares Hagan, played by a cocksure Gerald B. Browning....”

-Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post


"There are small moments throughout in which the well tuned cast shows naturalistic, real feelings ...the trajectory of the piece takes hold in the heart...    Gerald Browning, as the husband, moves from pompous, overbearing ass, to show himself to be a father so hurt by the actions of his son that he has no notion of how much he is responsible for his son’s outlook on life...very nice, small scale ensemble work..."

-David Seagal, Potomac Stages


"...uproariously invigorating...six performers morph into the scrappier Irish team, as well as a couple of differently caustic coaches, some local kids building a bonfire, a dog, a woman about to give birth, and a reasonably representative cross-section of the hard-drinking, raucously cheering SRO crowd that crammed into Limerick’s Thomond Park that day...Actually, even that catalog of characters understates the cast’s versatility...rabble-rousing and graceful..."

-Bob Mondello, Washington City Paper


"This is a clever story, well told...the production is lively, the performances are excellent..."

-Tim Treanor, DC Theatre Reviews


"...fast-paced and entertaining evening...with each actor portraying a dozen or more characters, it would be silly to specifically single any out...the show deserves a recommendation due to its charm and the effectiveness of its cast."

-Matt Reville, Sun Gazette Newspapers


"Never will you see more invigorated actors who totally enjoy their stage work as the six outstanding actors in John Breen's "Alone It Stands...This is a must-see enjoyment."

-Bob Anthony, All Arts Review


"...62 roles....just six performers on stage. Pandemonium? No. Clarity!...a flat-out romp of a physical production which maintains focus throughout...Each of the six have to portray multiple characters - players on Munster's team, players on New Zealand's, family members, fans, commentators - you name it. Keeping things clear is a challenge, but it is a challenge well met...the cast of six each gets the opportunity to make a strong impression..."

-Brad Hathaway, Potomac Stages



”But it’s Roat who is the real menace. When we first meet him, Browning has cast him as an odd and sinister character. I was reminded of Peter Lorre, only without the accent. It’s when Roat begins to come unhinged during the climactic battle with Susan that he shows his real stripes - and they are terrifying... simply thrilling to watch.”

-Carolyn Lamberson, The Spokesman-Review

"...Theatre22 gives McNally’s work an exuberant staging, with affirmations of art’s vitality reverberating throughout... irresistible first act...performed with intelligence and precision...this accomplished, attractive production is a harbinger of good things to come from the fledgling Theatre22."

-Dusty Somers, The Seattle Times

"Gerald B. Browning’s sets are stunning with their integration of Callas images within modern apartments...(the sets) create a scene that says almost as much as the dialog does...Browning also directed this production, and here too, his work is up to the material. He and all the actors mine McNally’s script for every possible laugh and all its pathos. They cause you to feel deeply for the characters, to be charmed by them, flawed or fey though they may be."

-Nancy Worssam, Artstage-Seattlerage.com

"...directed with a delicate touch...brilliant on many levels...The set designs by Gerald B. Browning, who also directed, were spot-on...Directing this play was extremely difficult...however the director Gerald B. Browning was more than up to the task..."

-Marie Bonfils, Dramainthehood.net

“...the production values are top-shelf. Director/Scenic Designer Gerald B. Browning delivers the goods...brilliantly executed, spine-tingling and convincing...Congratulations to Theatre22, Artistic Director, Corey McDaniel, Director/Designer Gerald B. Browning, the cast and production crew. They have something to be proud of for their First Annual Summer Pride Series.”

-Doug Hamilton, Seattle Gay News

"Gerald B. Browning has a clear vision as a director and manages the flow of the action with believability and also creates a terrific visual design with huge Maria Callas wall portraits setting the post-modern scene."

-Miryam Gordon, Miryam’s Theater Musings

“The production values especially the set from director Gerald B. Browning are top notch and make for a gorgeous backdrop…”

-Jay Irwin, BroadwayWorld.com