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Nice Things Actors and Directors Have Said About Working with Me

"Gerald Browning brought Smithsonian quality work to the interactive theatre piece  set in an exhibit at the National Museum of American History. His research and  scholarship, deep character work, complete focus and flexibility in working  'on-site' in the midst of thousands of visitors was impressive. A true  thinking-man's artist." 

-Roberta Gasbarre, Director, Discovery Theater, Smithsonian Institution 

"Gerald's dialect coaching is precise, thorough, and quick. With Gerald's help, I was able to successfully learn and perform dialects that were new to me with ease and confidence."

-Cynthia Geary, Seattle Emmy Award nominated actor

“Gerald Browning is hands down one of the most influential acting teachers and mentors I have ever had…Gerald always encouraged me to take artistic risks and pursue my aspirations a performer.  His direction is some of the most thoughtful and clear I have ever had in my life-long acting career.  He truly fostered my confidence, informed my technique, and nurtured my ability to play any role.  In addition to being a superb acting coach with a knack for uncovering and highlighting actors’ strengths, Gerald is truly a polished theater professional.  His abilities as an actor, director, designer and teacher are all equally outstanding…His passion and dedication to his work continually astound me, and I can only hope to carry the example he has set with me as I continue to embark on furthering my own work.”

-Amani Starnes, Los Angeles AEA, SAG actor & singer

“Gerald and I worked on a British comedy called Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis, by Charlotte Jones, and the play required three distinct British dialects and one Irish dialect.  Not only was Gerald completely in command of the dialects, but he also understood the difference between dialects for stage and film.  He knows that clarity is job one and authenticity comes in second when it comes to stage work.  Further, Gerald clearly looks at each actor and understands where they are in terms of proficiency and he works with each actor separately and with great sensitivity to their learning curves.  He also understands that no play should ever be over taken by the dialect work; dialect and character work go hand in hand.

-John Vreeke, multi-award nominated director

"I cannot express what I was able to explore and discover while I worked with Gerald Browning. A safe and fun place to learn and discover in this crazy world of acting.  Once again Gerald's gift for teaching allows you to find your own personal style... Gerald will help you find more of your own unique qualities to add to that Actors tool chest!  Definitely the Man in Town to study with!"

-Danette Meline, Seattle actor and  two time workshop participant

“The kind of workshop you dream of---individual attention from a master voice over talent, dialect coach and seasoned actor. Being able to explore my range in a warm personable environment with an understanding pro was invaluable to my craft!”


-Stephen Lestat, Seattle actor and workshop participant

"Gerald taught me not only the fundamentals of acting and how to prepare to perform, but unleashed a passion for acting I didn't know I had.  Four short years after taking his class, I'm so busy I'm dropping stuff off my resume to make room!"

-William Powell, Washington, DC actor & author; Writer for DC Actor’s Examiner at Examiner.com

"Gerald's long experience as an actor made him the perfect partner for our cast's dialect coaching needs.  He provides fast and effective results.  His highly adaptable and versatile coaching style equals theatre magic!  A dedicated, efficient and effective professional."

-Leslie A. Kobylinski, Washington, DC director and Associate Artistic Director, First Draft/Charter Theatre

“Gerald Browning served as Dialect Coach for my production of A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES with Book-It Repertory Theatre.  He had the unenviable task of taking 13 actors and molding their speech to reflect the linguistic diversity of New Orleans during the 1960s. He did a marvelous job; patient, persistent, clear and concise with what each actor had to do.  He was always there to take dialect notes and encourage the actors.  I would most certainly hire him again and encourage others to do the same.”

-Mary Machala, Seattle director

“Gerald was an enormous help on CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES.  He made sure that my New Orleans dialect was consistent and authentic.  In truth, his work helped me find my character, Irene Reilly.”


-Ellen McLain, Seattle AEA, SAG actress

"Without Gerald, I wouldn't have found Ignatius' voice (in a CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES).  Thanks to Gerald, I bellowed and berated with New Orleans' flare.  He is a consummate professional and a dear to work with."

-Brandon Whitehead, Boston AEA actor

“Gerald is one of those wonderful voice coaches who gently and patiently helps you find the right vocal reinforcement for your character.  Although he has a great ear and a strong interest in dialect accuracy, he completely understands that a performer needs to be understood by a local audience and that a performer must, first and foremost, be comfortable in his speech to do his best work.  Gerald was a huge help to me in Book-It’s CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES and I look forward to a chance to work with him again soon.”

-Bill Johns, Seattle actor

"Gerald is a master theatre artist.  He is experienced and skilled in all the disciplines required to create excellent and exciting theatre."


-Jerry Proffit, Theatre Conservatory faculty, Chicago’s Roosevelt University

“I found Gerald's 2-day voice-over workshop to be vital to move forward in the field of voice-over work…Gerald did a fantastic job of coaching participants… constructively critiquing, (teaching us) how to take direction, what different work is available, etc. And on top of that to get to produce a voice demo!? That was incredible!”

-Steve Whitaker, Seattle actor and workshop participant

The Spokesperson workshop was truly an awesome learning experience!  I feel much more confident now."

-Wonderful Morrison, Seattle actor and workshop participant

"Gerald Browning's voice over workshop is excellent.  He is very knowledgeable and effective, without being threatening or condescending.  He relates well with each individual in the workshop...also had excellent insight into which selections worked for which person...I had a wonderful time at Sunday's studio session.  Both Jerry and Chris (Sound Technician) are very patient and soft spoken, and so very capable."

-Tim Tully , Seattle actor and workshop participant

"I am so glad I went to Gerald’s “Spokesperson” workshop. He was very professional and I learned a lot. I’ve been in this business a long time but needed that extra boost to feel more knowledgeable and confident.  Now I feel like I can go out on an audition and have a better chance."


-Sheila Smith, Seattle actor and workshop participant

"I had an absolute blast!! I learned what I needed to learn in the short time we had and felt prepared enough for Sunday's (studio) session.  If I have an audition I also feel I have the knowledge I need to be successful in it."

-Leta Johnson, Seattle actor and workshop participant


I offer private coaching for all ages, including children and teens. If there’s something you want to explore, I can help. Please contact me for further information and session pricing.

I’ve taught acting workshops and served as a private voice/acting/dialect coach for over 25 years to actors in many major markets, while working with such organizations as Studio East (Young Actor’s Professional Intensive), the Johnson County (Kansas) Arts and Humanities  Association, Speech and Theatre Association of Missouri, DC’s the Roundhouse Theatre, the Smithsonian, the Missouri Department of of Education and the 30th Annual Postgraduate Symposium on Medicine and Religion (a seminar panel discussion dedicated to my direction of a production of The Shadow Box). My workshops and coaching have covered such topics as Scene Study, Monologue and Audition Preparation, Improvisation, Sketch Comedy, Dialects, Voice Over (VO Intensive: Creating a Demo), On-Camera (Mastering the Teleprompter, The Art of the Spokesperson, Acting for the Camera), Public Speaking, and Acting for Business: Skills to Use in Life, among others. I served as the Chair of the Performing Arts Department at the Pembroke Hill School in Kansas City, Missouri where I spent 14 years working with teens. I hold a B.S. Ed. in Speech/Theatre/English from Northwest Missouri State University and an M. A in Theatre Studies (Directing) from Chicago’s College of the Performing Arts at Roosevelt University.

Download My Coaching ResumeCoaching_files/Browning_Coaching_12-26-14.pdf