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Blithe Spirit

(Wayside Theatre, Virginia)

"A new scene designer to Wayside, Gerald Browning, has made an impressive debut with this piece."

-Culpepper Star-Exponent

"The stage set created by scene designer Gerald B. Browning uses the compact Wayside facility to it's fullest, from the fireplace at stage right to the upstage piano alcove, and even to a staircase at stage left, created in an area the theater seemingly managed to conjure."

-The Winchester Star


"Gerald B. Browning provides a warm, luxurious set."

-The Northern Virginia Daily


Design Reviews

As Bees In Honey Drown

(Trumpet Vine Theatre, Washington DC)

"Gerald B. Browning's set is unexpectedly elaborate, filled with purple and chessboard patterns and sliding doors.  It is unendingly versatile, giving a feeling of solidity to it's many locations, despite the fluid nature of the play."

-Fiona Zublin, Washington Theatre Reviews


"The secondary joy of this production is the well appointed set...that seem(s) to go way beyond the theater's budget.  And it is amazing that such detail can be accomplished in the tiny Theater on the Run."

-Bob Anthony, All Arts Review


“...I think I’ve found a keeper in Gerald B. Browning, who... served as scenic designer... (he) is making his D.C. debut after a string of regional work elsewhere.  He’s a solid addition to the scene.”

-Matt Reville, Sun Gazette Newspapers


“The wonderfully flexible set is done in bright crayon colors that reflect the bigger-than-life, blinded by appearances story line.”

-Rich See, Curtain Up


The Christmas Schooner

(The Wayside Theatre, Virginia)

"Gerald B. Browning's set is clever and quite seaworthy enough for the voyage.  The action moves from dockside to fireplace in only a few bars...

-The Warren Sentinel


"Gerald B. Browning contributes an inventive set..."

-The Northern Virginia Daily


"...the design is an impressive half schooner whose cabin slides ingeniously out into the interior of Alma Stossel's kitchen."

-Culpepper Star-Exponent


The Complete History of America: Abridged

(The Wayside Theatre, Virginia)

"Gerald B. Browning's set turns the entire theater into a patriotic candy box."

-Northern Virginia Daily


Pippi Longstocking

(The Theater at Monmouth, Maine)

"Gerald Browning's set is a comic-book eyeful..."

-Kennebec Journal


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The Lisbon Traviata

(Theatre22, Seattle, Washington)

...this accomplished, attractive production is a harbinger of good things to come from the fledgling Theatre22."

-Dusty Somers, The Seattle Times

"Gerald B. Browning’s sets are stunning with their integration of Callas images within modern apartments...(the sets) create a scene that says almost as much as the dialog does...-Nancy Worssam, Artstage-Seattlerage.com

"...The set designs by Gerald B. Browning, who also directed, were spot-on...-Marie Bonfils, Dramainthehood.net

“...the production values are top-shelf. Director/Scenic Designer Gerald B. Browning delivers the goods......Congratulations to Theatre22, Artistic Director, Corey McDaniel, Director/Designer Gerald B. Browning, the cast and production crew. They have something to be proud of for their First Annual Summer Pride Series.”

-Doug Hamilton, Seattle Gay News

"Gerald B. Browning has a clear vision... creates a terrific visual design with huge Maria Callas wall portraits setting the post-modern scene."

-Miryam Gordon, Miryam’s Theater Musings

“The production values especially the set from director Gerald B. Browning are top notch and make for a gorgeous backdrop…”

-Jay Irwin, BroadwayWorld.com